Guide The Life and Prayers of Saint Anthony of Padua

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He was very attracted to their simple and evangelical lifestyle. When they were martyred while preaching, St. Anthony was inspired by their example and he also became a Franciscan in He had hoped that he would also become a martyr, and he actually only lived ten more years after he joined the Franciscan Order. It is said that St. Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his entire being; with his heart, with his mind, and with his words at every single moment of his life.

Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua

It is perhaps because of that great intention, that when his body was exhumed after his death, his body had decayed — but his tongue remained uncorrupted. Anthony has been most well known for his patronage for helping people find lost things. However, he is also the patron of many other intentions including…. Click here to find more novenas like this one.

St Anthony of Padua: Prayer

Sign up here to pray more novenas with thousands of faithful people from around the world! Join us for the Next Novena! Get Novena prayers delivered to your inbox! Feel the power of praying together with thousands of people! Never forget to finish a Novena again! Click to join in praying the St.

Prayers Of St. Anthony Of Padua

Anthony Novena. Anthony Novena New here? Prayer is communication with a God who loves us and desires to be in relationship with us. Jesus teaches us about the importance of prayer. The Gospels record seventeen times that Jesus took time apart to pray.

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In the Scriptures, Jesus prays often, morning and night. He prays during critical events in his life and he prays before ministering to people in need. Jesus is a model of prayer for us.

Glory to the Father

Prayer is essential to living a full, Catholic life. The central communal form of prayer for the Church is the Mass. Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts which we are about to receive from your goodness, through Christ our Lord. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever.

You still seem to move at ease in the realm of minor and major miracles. Saint Anthony, Performer of Miracles, please obtain for me the blessings God holds in reserve for those who serve Him.

Saint Anthony and the Child Jesus

Pray that I may be worthy of the promises my Lord Jesus attaches to confident prayer. Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus, who received from God the special power of restoring lost things, grant that I may find name your lost item which has been lost. At least restore to me peace and tranquility of mind, the loss of which has afflicted me even more than my material loss. To this favor, I ask another of you: that I may always remain in possession of the true good that is God.


Let me rather lose all things than lose God, my supreme good. Let me never suffer the loss of my greatest treasure, eternal life with God. Anthony for Those Suffering with Cancer. Dear St. In your goodness and kindness, please intercede for mention name who is suffering from cancer. If it is God's will, I ask that this day, the gift of he aling be granted to name.

Prayer for Those on Medication. Gracious God, You have given us many healing remedies that are a benefit to us when we are sick. Through the miraculous intercession of St. Most holy St.

Memorial of St. Anthony of Padua, priest & doctor

Anthony, Beloved Friend of Jesus, I place myself in your heavenly care. Intercede before t. I join my prayers to yours, O Great Saint, as I ask God to give me consolation in times of sorrow, courage when I am afraid, and healing from all the ills that afflict me. Prayer of Thanks for Favors Received. Most loving protector, great St.